12 November 2014

Shooting At Legazpi Village

Salcedo Village
No details are available yet, except for an article in The Philippine Star which reported that a man was shot dead shortly after he got into a taxicab with his wife and child at the corner of Rufino and Salcedo streets in Makati 9 November 2014.

As usual, police have yet to identify the victim. Hopefully, some concerned citizen will be able to give more details in social media networks and could give more information, just like what happened when a viral photo made the rounds in social media last September 2014, showing several men (later identified as police officers) aiming what looked like guns at a vehicle on EDSA.

There were reports that said a concerned citizen reported the shooting to the Makati police at around 2:00 P.M. The police officer on duty said no other details were available as of press time. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

However, a Facebook user posted an account of the incident. She said that while eating with friends at the Legazpi market, she heard three gunshots rang out.
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"The gunman put on a faded blue jacket and walked away after the incident," she said in her Facebook account.

"The whole thing happened in full view of the upscale Sunday market crowd. The Legazpi Village police was just a block away," she added.