15 December 2014

Fighting India's "Sexual Harassers"

Kumar Sisters
Everyone is tired of hearing and reading news reports about women in India being repeatedly being abused by a sub-human species of men in public places. It is time to fight back and haul these male cretins to jail and let them rot their for other prisoners to abuse.

The time to fight back has started and one of those heroic attempt to thwart a possible sexual abuse was caught in a video that went viral soon after. The incident featured two sisters in India who valiantly fought back against men who allegedly harassed them inside a bus.

The footage shows Aarti (22) and Pooja Kumar (19) landing punches and thrashing the three men with a belt while riding a bus in the northern state of Haryana, an area with a reputation for hostility to women.

The Kumar sisters were returning from their Rohtak college to Sonepat in the Haryana Roadways bus last 28 November 2014 when the men allegedly started harassing them. The two women objected at first, but the men reportedly kept passing lewd remarks.

"You're too poor to even ride the bus," Aarti recalled the men saying.

So she and her sister did what they thought they had to do to defend and protect themselves. One lurched toward one of the men, thrashing what looks like a belt. Both grabbed one man's sweater and pulled. Two of the men grabbed the women, and they struggled to get free. One sister pressed the palm of her hand against a man trying to overcome her.

Aarti said that no one on the bus tried to help the sisters, and some passengers shouted for them to stop fighting the men and get off. This is just another example of India's men seemingly indifference to the plight of women in their country.

Two days later, the three men — identified as Kuldeep, Mohit and Deepak — were arrested and charged, pending an investigation. The government of India is also planning to take the incident as an example to all male abusers by rewarding the Kumar sisters for their actions.

Harayana's Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced that the sisters would be recognized with "bravery" awards that include cash on 26 January 2015, India's Republic Day.