02 December 2014

Vietnam Rejects Same-Sex Cohabitation

Vietnam Says No To Gays
The Vietnamese people are the masters of their own home and choose to chart their own journey without any interference from self-serving groups of people. Everyone saw an example of this resiliency and independence-thinking during the ”Second Indochina War” also known in Vietnam as ”Resistance War Against America” from 1955 to 1975.

Now, the Vietnamese have again successfully defended their right against the despicable attempts of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) to impose their selfish lifestyle and promote their contemptible behavior.

In a decision early this year that was praised by more than 90 percent of Vietnamese, the government announced that it would not legally recognize cohabiting same-sex couples. In a less surprising move, the National Assembly (NA) Committee for Social Affairs also rejected calls to legalize gay marriage.

The decisions, announced by committee chairwoman Truong Thi Mai last June 2014, mark a significant win for the Vietnamese conservative forces, including the Women’s Union, who have fought behind the scenes against even the most basic legal provisions designed to prevent LGBT self promotion and brain-washing advertisements.

Vietnam has seen a rapid economic growth and tolerance for people who are gay. However, this does not mean that they have to cuddle them and give them everything they ask for just because they have a brain disorder.

The LGBTs were already allowed to hold their first gay pride event two years ago, but it appears that the LGBTs also want to rule the country as well. Manipulated results from questionable national surveys were released to the public to make it appear that many Vietnamese supported same-sex marriage despite hard evidence to the contrary.

However, in a laudable and inspiring move, the NA has halted progress on the issue. Its latest draft of the amended Law on Marriage and Family rejects the proposed Article 16, which would have recognized same-sex cohabitation and joint custody.