15 January 2015

"Beast Mode" Shrinks Like a Mole

Mole Man
Some people are just too stupid to think of something worth doing. In order to get fame the shortest time possible, they resort to great lengths to endanger the lives of people around them.

A clear case was shown in a recently released video about an arrogant driver who calls himself “wild beast mode.” The video shows a young man – who has since been identified as Tito T. Cosejo Jr. – driving his old and unattractive Tamaraw FX vehicle aggressively and bragging about his skills at the wheel.

A passenger friend was taking the video while Cosejo teaches his viewers how to turn "beast mode" on while driving and intimidate other drivers. He also instruct motorist how not to let others get ahead of them on the road by cutting them off, tail gaiting and harass them incessantly at the expense of road safety.

The video also shows Cosejo dangerously racing and chasing other cars. In fact, he hit the side mirror of another vehicle, the driver of which went down to confront him. Staying true to the theme of the video, Cosejo went on to ridicule the driver by provoking him further and refusing to apologize.

To brag about what they did and get their friends to like what they did, Cosejo uploaded the video in a social networking site, Facebook. What he received after that was not what he expected. The video did become viral and fetched more than 9,000 shares, but most of the 7,000 comments condemned Cosejo and his videographer while bombarding the post with curses and insults.

The uncontrollable rage, hate and indignation at what he did compelled Cosejo to apologize publicly, but online critics found his attempt to explain a hollow one and full of lies. Here is a copy of Cosejo’s apology:

Cosejo Aplogy 1
Cosejo Aplogy 2
It should be made clear that anybody can apologize, but it is hard to gauge their sincerity when they know that their action have serious consequences. Worse, when Cosejo claimed that the video certainly was shot "a few years ago" netizens immediately recognized that he was insincere.

As several people have already pointed in the Facebook page, that video was shot recently because the Cebu Pacific Airline building seen in the video was completed only in late 2014. It was also pointed out that the Christmas tree seen in the clip was the same Christmas tree put up just last December 2014 near the airport area. Plus, the new design of license plates is visible in the clip and this released only recently.

Insulting and bullying Cosejo’s family is big mistake. They don’t have anything to do and have released a statement saying that they don’t condone his deplorable behavior. They should not be bash online or in any other medium. They may support him in any way they can, but they should be left out of this issue.

What must be done is to make Cosejo suffer the consequences of his action. As a son of a government official he should know how this works. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) already has enough evidence (video) that what they have allowed on the road is a dangerous and oxygen-wasting animal. They should do their job and revoke his driver’s license to spare us of any future road rage monster in our midst.