28 March 2015

Thigh Gap is Still Hot, Mons Pubis is Next

Thigh Gap
Contrary to what some fat and overweight models claim, ‘thigh gap’ trend is still much fashionable and much more sought after body shape. As Stanley Tucci’s character declared in 2006’s "The Devil Wears Prada," "size zero is the new two, size two is the new four and size six is the new 14."

The Urban Dictionary website describes ‘thigh gap’ in no uncertain terms as "the gap between a woman's thighs directly below the vagina, often diamond shaped when the thighs are together."

It started with twenty one-year-old British model Cara Delevingne's legs , which were dubbed as the torchbearers of the ‘thigh gap’ obsession that's haunting social networking sites. There's even a Twitter ID dedicated to them, under which users post pictures of non-touching thighs for inspiration, and numerous dedicated blogs.

The images posted mirror the ubiquitous images of young, slim models and pop stars in shorts, often at festivals such as Glastonbury or Coachella, that have flooded the mainstream media in recent years, bringing with them the idea that skinniness, glamour and fun are intertwined.

Bloggers post pictures of themselves following their weight-loss journey to achieve the gap. This has made parental experts and counselors see red, resulting in anti-thigh gap movements including Tumblr sites Touching Thighs and No Thigh Gap.

Selfies commonly show one part of a person's anatomy, a way of compartmentalizing body sections to show them in the best light, and the 'thigh gap' is particularly popular. What was once a standard barometer of thinness among models is now apparently sought after by a wider public.

After the 'thigh gap' trend, women will next look down and check the size of their mons pubis.

"This year, the hot new body part is the formerly unnoticed span of flesh between the top of one’s panties and the labia majora," wrote Jennifer Weiner in The New York Times in the appropriately titled article, “Great! Another Thing to Hate About Ourselves.”

This seemingly private body part has left many overweight and lazy women and girls with another set of insecurities that go beyond stretch marks, eye bags, and butts and boobs. It has even spurred plastic surgery for those who want to look trendy.

Monsplasty, also known as a pubic lift, is a procedure used to reduce and tighten the mons pubis. This procedure is performed in combination with a tummy tuck and body lift or at the same time as labiaplasty and vaginaplasty to “rejuvenate the entire female genitalia area, according to Davinciplastic.com.

The mons pubis can become overly large with weight gain, childbirth, or normal aging. The excess sagging can also interfere with urination stream and/or sexual relations.