12 April 2015

Tim Cook's Arbitrary Stand on Diversity

Tim Cook
"If you say something about diversity or religious freedom, just make sure that you practice it as well." This is very clear message that every lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) should learn before they proudly claiming that Apple CEO Tim Cook is on their side.

George Will understood this when he blasted Cook a few days ago on “Special Report” for his continued critique of the Indiana religious freedom law while his company continues to do business with countries that bans homosexuality and impose lethal penalties, such as Saudi Arabia.

The syndicated columnist told host Bret Baier that while Cook believes Indiana is a "horrible" place, he opened up Apple operations in the Middle Eastern nation which continues to persecute individuals for being gay. Will sarcastically added that "the selective indignation" on Cook’s part is "wonderful."

In other words, Cook is not serious about protecting the despicable gay behavior. He is just using the case in Indiana to make it appear that Apple is all for diversity. However, when given a chance to increase their profit from oil-rich Saudi Arabia, all those pretentious stand are thrown out of the window the first chance they get.

Will succinctly describe Cooks agenda when he said:
"There’s nothing more tiresome in modern American life than the indignation sweepstakes we get in all the time to see who can be most angry about this and that. Tim Cook as was mentioned, the CEO of Apple ... thinks Indiana is a horrible place. He opened marketing and retailing operations in Saudi Arabia two months before a man was sentenced to 450 lashes for being gay. The selective indignation is itself wonderful.

There are two important principles at stake here. One is the government should rarely, and only at extreme difficulty, compel people to take actions contrary to their consciences. The other is that when you open your doors to commerce you open them to everybody. That’s a simple thing. It goes back to the ’64 Civil Rights act, public accommodations section which is surely a great moment in American history. So, you kind of work this out, but the indignation isn’t helping."
Cook, a practicing homosexual, is using his enormous financial clout to ensure that Christians are forced to accept his choice of defiance toward religious beliefs. He announced a while back that he is homosexual because God made him homosexual. The quote from an article at Bloomberg Business online news (30 October 2014) states in part "I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."