28 May 2015

Anger Mounts Against Mother of Boy Treated as a Dog

Baby on Leash
If netizens were enraged by this photo of a naked baby with a leash around his neck and a bowl in front of him, now they are bursting with anger after hearing the mother's explanation of what happened.

The photo, which made the rounds on Facebook a few days ago, drew hundreds of negative comments from social media users who say the boy was treated like a dog. The child's parents refused to face the camera, but the alleged mother named Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco (FB profile name)admitted she uploaded the photo but said it was all in the name of fun.

"Yung sintas po ng sapatos kinuha po ng anak ko. Pinaglaruan niya. Mismong linagay niya sa leeg niya. E meron din kaming asong bagong panganak na Shih Tzu. Kumbaga, nakikita ng bata. Tapos ginagaya niya. E natiyempo pa na magpapakain kami ng aso nun. Kaya yung nakita niyo po sa video na dog food, kaya naisama siya dun. Napagkatuwaan na din siya," she said.

(My baby found the shoelace and began playing with it. He put it around his neck. We also have a dog, a Shih Tzu, that had just given birth. The child was trying to mimic it. It happened that we were about to feed the dog. He was just placed beside the dog food. It was all in fun.)

The anger is understandable considering that the mother's explanation is full of holes.

Firstly, the baby cannot put and tie the shoelace around is neck by himself. Secondly, if the family has a pet dog, the baby should not be playing with it naked because it could cause some health issues. Thirdly, when the dog is being fed, no child should be in the vicinity because the animal might consider them a threat and attack. Lastly, it was obvious that the mother is lying through her teeth just to justify her action and evade possible criminal charges.

According to reports, the parents were shocked when the photo went viral on social media. They said they did not expect the backlash. Well, if it was them in those photos, naked and tied, maybe nobody would notice them, but if they did not respect the child's right, then they definitely deserve the negative feedback.

"Ang pagkakamali ko pinost ko na yung picture nang di ko iniisip kung ano ang mangyayari. Kumbaga, sa akin natutuwa lang ako sa anak ko," the mother said.

(My mistake was that I posted it. I didn't think about what would happen. I was just really amused with my child.)

Yeah, right. Lies, lies and more lies are expected in the coming days from this despicable woman.