17 May 2015

HIV-Infecting Gay Sentenced to 30 Years

Another gay was caught after he spread homosexual disease to at least 30 other gays.

Michael Johnson, 22-years old, was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison and may serve up to 60 years after being convicted on all five counts of infecting and exposing partners to HIV. If Johnson’s sentences are served concurrently he will serve 30 years; Buzzfeed News reports if his charges are served consecutively, he will serve 60 and a half years. The judge on his case, Judge Jon Cunningham will determine his official sentencing on 13 July 2015.

Johnson’s trial was three days long, according to Buzzfeed News. In attendance was his former partner, Dylan King Lemons. The two had unprotected sex during their relationship and Lemons believes he contracted the virus from Johnson. Lemons went to the police after he noticed Johnson had active profiles on several gay hookup apps and testified against him in court.

Missouri state law demands people who are diagnosed with HIV to disclose their status to their partners, regardless if they use protection or take medication.

The former college wrestler was diagnosed by the Missouri Department of Health with HIV on 7 January 2013. The day after Johnson received his status, he began having unprotected sex with various partners on and in the surrounding area of his college campus. Only six of Johnson’s multiple partners came forward to charge him with knowingly infecting them with HIV and other STDs.

Police report 32 videos have been filmed on Johnson’s laptop and each flick showed him with a different sexual partner. Most of the films have been recorded in his dorm room without protection.

The Daily News reports that Missouri’s St. Charles Police Department believes partners of the former Lindenwood University student didn’t know he has HIV nor did they know they were being filmed. St. Charles County prosecutor Tim Lohmar released a statement asking all of Johnson’s gay partners to come forward, telling Missouri’s media outlet KMOV:
"It’s a matter not only of their individual safety but public safety as well."
The St. Charles Police Department has been building their case against Johnson over a five-month period. Their investigation began when a man came forward, telling police he has been diagnosed with HIV and gonorrhea after engaging in sexual activity with Johnson.

Micheal Johnson also used the online alias, Tiger Mandingo, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.