18 June 2015

Someone Who Deserves Death

Child Welfare
Parents are supposed to love and take care of their children, whatever their economic condition in life is. There are no excuses. It is the appropriate and right thing to do.

However, this is not the case of the two children who were allegedly being beaten repeatedly by their very own father. The two victims aged 6 and 4 were shown in a video that was uploaded online being punched, slapped and kicked by a person who does not deserve an ounce of pity.

According to the report of Susan Enriquez of GMA News, the eight-minute video taken by a mobile device happened in Muntinlupa City. It was the mother who first revealed the condition her children had to endure regularly, but can't do anything because authorities are asking her for concrete evidence.

The despicable scene showed the suspect hitting the older male child first despite his cries and pleas for him to stop. The suspect even threatened to kill the boy if he doesn't stop crying.

The suspect also hit and shouted at the younger female sibling in the latter part of the video.

After they saw the video, officials and staff of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) immediately scoured the place where the crime took place and secured the two children.

According to Teresita Navarro, assistant department head of DSWD-Muntinlupa, the only request of the person who took the video is for the government to act fast before anything critical happens to the two children.

"Alam mo noong chinat ko siya [video uploader], ang sinasabi lang niya, naaawa siya sa mga bata. Wala siyang sinabi na kung anuman gusto niya mangyari. Basta sinabi niya kawawa ang bata. Kailangan tulungan natin," she said.

GMA News staff were able to locate the grandmother of the two children and helped her file child abuse cases against her biological son. The grandmother revealed that the suspect was always under the influence of illegal substance and is also separated from his wife.

Based on the initial assessment of Annalyn Mercado, social service department ng Muntinlupa, they have reason to believe that the grandmother is not fit to take care of the children and their is a big risk that the suspect, who is now on the run, might visit her and take the children away by force.

Local officials of Muntinlupa are currently given the custody of the two minor victims.

The suspect was apprehended and has admitted to the media that he is a drug user and that he abuses his two children physically.