31 August 2015

INC Foolishly Wants To Stop Crime Investigation

Oftentimes, extremism blinds common sense and kept foolishness at the forefront of one's judgement. Refusing to accept the basic law that governs civilization, but prefers chaos and disorder just to protect self-serving interest.

In the case of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), the interest of the few are being protected by zealous followers who refuse to acknowledge that the country is governed by law and the exercise of which is guaranteed by the Philippine Constitution. Instead, they demand that they be given special treatment and that the pale of the law and due process, which apply to everyone regardless of religious affiliation or lack of it, should not be applied to them.

The question that the members of INC should answer is: was there a criminal complaint filed? If yes, should the case be processed to the full extent of the law? If the answer is still yes, then they should not this embarrassing scene at EDSA and make everyone's life miserable.

A Filipino citizen filed a complaint of having been illegally detained or abused by INC officials. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and other members of the law enforcement agencies have no choice – it is in fact their duty – but to investigate. That the parties happen to be INC members is beside the point.

If a Catholic priest, for instance, is accused of sexually abusing a minor, he he cannot say that he should not be apprehended and invoke the separation of Church and State just to avoid investigation. The act complained of, much like illegal detention, warrants action from the authorities.

This is the reason why Justice Secretary Leila de Lima ordered an investigation of the INC ministers’ claim of having been illegally detained by their fellow officials. She correctly pointed out that she was just doing her job.

Maybe it is time to check and see if those that are attending the INC lightning rallies and protest at EDSA are really mentally sound and blindly following some self-serving orders or fanatically loyal to the doctrine of their religion even if it unlawful. Either way, the INC should face the full brunt of the law.