11 August 2015

Megyn Kelly Now Feels The Heat

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly
It seems clear that Megyn Kelly never saw it coming. In front of national audience, Kelly showed everyone that she was was more focused on personal issues than things more relevant to a Presidential candidate during the prime time GOP debate.

A number of conservatives on social media labeled Fox News and Megyn Kelly as the real losers. A number of conservatives also made their feelings known on Facebook and Twitter after what many say were "gotcha" questions leveled at Presidential aspirant Donald Trump.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds said Fox News was the loser and added: "I was particularly disappointed with the ridiculous 'gotcha!' questions posed by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. Can Fox News please focus on the issues and not try to play favorites?" He was far from alone in that assessment.

"The biggest losers in the debate were the Fox moderators who attacked instead of moderating," one person said on Twitter. "[T]he training of Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace for the GOP debate was brought to you by Candy Crowley," another person said, referring to a 2012 election debate moderated by the CNN host. "AND by the letter 'B' for BIAS," the Twitter user added.

Donald Trump also weighed in on Twitter, expressing his disappointment with the Fox News moderators. "I really enjoyed the debate tonight even though the @FoxNews trio, especially @megynkelly, was not very good or professional," he tweeted. As of this writing, two online polls posted at conservative sites show Trump was the clear favorite in that debate.

The evening started with a question from moderator Chris Wallace. All of the candidates were asked if they would pledge not to make a third-party run. Trump was the only candidate to not take that pledge.

"I will not make the pledge at this time," he said. USA Today noted: "Trump said he has to 'respect the person' who prevails, though he added that he expects to claim the GOP nomination himself."

Kelly was slammed on her Facebook page by visitors unhappy with her performance. "You were rude, biased, unprofessional and nasty last night," one person said. "I will never watch your show again."

"You looked small tonight Megyn," another person added. "Your top rated just took a major hit by virtue of your classless, and biased, gotcha of Trump."

There was now a growing petition at Change.org to have Kelly be removed in any future debates.