20 August 2015

"Polite" Way Of Protecting Health in Public Pools

Polite Way
Tired of seeing inconsiderate parents use public facilities to disgust everyone around them? One hotel in England found a polite way to deal with these nuisance by posting notices ordering parents to keep infants off of benches in the changing area of the resort's pool.

The sign was labeled a "Polite notice," and many clients praised the hotel management for appropriately putting rude parents in their proper place.

And while many mothers understand the premise behind the sign — to prevent parents from changing their children on the benches — they thought that maybe there is another way to deliver the message.

"The wording is disgusting," mother Toni Bird fumed to the U.K.'s Coventry Telegraph about a poster at the Village Urban Resorts hotel in Coventry, England, which reads: "Polite notice: These benches are for bums — not bags or babies! Thank you" and urges parents to "vacate" changing rooms with their children promptly after swimming.

The regional director of the hotel, Stephen Cresswell, offered a mea culpa — for the tone of the sign but not its message. "If someone has been offended by the sign that has been put up then we, of course, apologize for that," he told the media. "But a sign like that would only have been put up from a health and safety perspective to help everyone who uses the club."

Support are pouring in to defend the the resort.

One member vented that she loved the sign because she's "also fed up with mothers plonking their kids on the benches & allowing them to eat/drink, make a mess & take up room! ... It's about time staff tell some thoughtless people about their behavior."

And another remarked: "[The sign] doesn’t offended me in the slightest. If people don’t like it they can go elsewhere. Nothing worse than getting back to change and finding some mums covering the benches with what only looks like they have enough changing bags for the week, leaving no one else any room to get changed. And yes before anyone moans I have got children!"

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