06 August 2015

What Liberals Are Scared of Hearing

Trump Leads
Democratic liberals are having a nightmare right now after witnessing the surge in Donald Trump’s standing in national polls. They are hoping it will fade, but given the resentment of majority of the Americans towards uncontrollable migration wave and deplorable same-sex marriage ruling, that shift will not be coming any time soon.

USA Today/Suffolk poll revealed that Trump is leading Republican candidates, and which also showed Trump generating about the same amount of support as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul combined.

The results are consistent with what Politico reported overnight on the new Fox News poll:
"Donald Trump leads all Republican presidential candidates for the GOP primary, according to a new Fox national poll of registered voters released Thursday (16 July).

Eighteen percent of GOP voters said they supported Trump, up 7 percent from last month and 15 percent from March."
Trailing Trump’s 18 percent support is Scott Walker, who’s in second with 15 percent, and Jeb Bush with 14 percent. No other candidate reached double digits in the Fox poll.

Democrats are making some slight improvement also after the Fox poll found President Barrack Obama's approval rating climbing three points over the last month, reaching 47 percent, the strongest support the president has seen in a Fox poll in three years.

The significance of polls like these is not in their predictive value – the results shed little light on who's likely to win the Republicans’ presidential nomination – but this year, national surveys will dictate who participates in televised debates, making the polls more important than they have ever been.

And in this specific poll, that's not all. Consider this question Fox asked respondents:
"Recently, presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. He said Mexico is quote, 'sending people that have lots of problems .... They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.' Setting aside how Trump worded his comments, do you think he’s basically right on this, or not?"
A total of 70 percent of Republican voters said they believe Trump’s racially charged rhetoric is correct. That’s not a typo – seven in 10.

There are solid issues that have pushed Trump to the top of the crowded GOP field, and Democrat officials have to come to terms with that, instead of ignoring them.