27 September 2015

Rodelas Murder Suspect Still At large

Rodelas and Altamirano
On 6 November 2012, model and television talent Julie Ann Rodelas was shot and dumped from a sport utility vehicle in Cubao. The next day, the woman’s mother went to Camp Karingal and identified the victim.

The woman’s friend, Althea Altamirano, who was her last companion, also appeared on TV days later and said Rodelas was abducted in Pasay City.

At first it seemed like the police were facing a blank wall but what helped them crack the case was a tiny piece of paper that the woman was clutching when she was found. It was a receipt of a purchase for a burger meal at fastfood restaurant in Manila. When policemen checked with the store, surveillance footage showed Altamirano’s boyfriend, Fernando Quiambao Jr., buying the burger meal.

It was also the Mitsubishi Montero registered under the name of Quiambao’s mother that was tagged as the one from which the model was dumped.

The following weekend, policemen arrested the couple in Pampaga, and shortly after, Altamirano broke down, narrating the circumstances she said led to the crime.

It was a friendship gone sour, according to Altamirano. They were both working as models but the victim earned her ire when she spread word that she already had children.

This prompted Altamirano to ask her boyfriend to teach Rodelas a "lesson," something she said she never thought would lead to the rape and killing of the victim.

Suspect Jeymar Waradje, in his statement, said Rodelas was supposedly raped twice, first by Efren Talib and an alias "Aldos," in a safehouse in Culiat while Quiambao went out to meet Altamirano, who had gone to the Pasay police to report the abduction. Quiambao allegedly bought the burger meal on his way to meet his girlfriend.

Waradje’s statement was also the one that explained why Rodelas was holding that receipt that eventually led to the solving of the case.

According to Waradje, the victim was initially unaware who her abductors were but when Waradje addressed Quiambao as “Jay” – his nickname – Rodelas found out that Quiambao was involved in her abduction.

Waradje gave the burger meal to Rodelas, who was then still unaware that she was going to be killed, thinking she could bring home the burger meal. Talib then reportedly said that Quiambao wanted Rodelas killed, according to Waradje.

In light of the evidence and testimonies gathered, suspects Altamirano, Quiambao Jr., Talib, Alyas Aldos, Gelan Pasawilan, and Jaymar Waradje were charged with murder.

Another suspect, Fahad Usman, was killed in an encounter with police.

Pasawilan was eventually dropped as a suspect in the Rodelas case, but was charged with illegal possession of firearms. In June 2013, Pasawilan was gunned down while inside his house. His wife Samirah did not let crime scene investigators into her house and executed a waiver saying she no longer wish to have the case probed by the police, he added.

Rodelas Murder Suspects
Altamirano and Quiambao Jr are still in jail at this time. Waradje turned state witness and provided of the two suspects who are still at-large.

The first is the sketch of Talib, a Tausug, who is between 20 and 25 years old, 5'5' to 5'6" tall, fair-complexioned, and medium-built. The second is that of the second suspect only identified as Aldos, also a Tausug, 27 years old, 5'7" tall, medium-built and with brown complexion.