02 October 2015

Sorry Kim, But You're Not a Mom

The Childless Kim Cattrall
Can a woman who never became a mother have any idea how to be one? Definitely not, but leave it to the outspoken Kim Cattrall to say otherwise.

In a BBC Radio interview that aired last 14 September, The former "Sex and the City" star said that though she has not given birth, she still considers herself to be a parent. "I am not a biological parent, but I am a parent. I have young actors and actresses that I mentor, I have nieces and nephews that I am very close to," explained Cattrall.

“There is a way to become a mother in this day and age which doesn't include your name on the child’s birth certificate,” she continued. “You can express that maternal side, very clearly, very strongly. It feels very satisfying."

"I didn’t change nappies, which is OK with me, but I did help my niece get through medical school. I did sit down with my nephew when he was [going through] a very tough time to join the army. And those are very motherly things to do, very nurturing things to do," added Cattrall.

Sorry dear Cattrall, while you may be a GREAT AUNTIE, it is not the same as being a mom. Yes, the whole world of young actors may have come to you for confidences, and it is great that you were able to assist with college bills, but is nothing compared to the job description of mom.

A mom is a 24/7 job that involves nights of worry when the children are older and starting to spread their wings. A mom is somebody who feels enormous pride when children, finally grown, have become the fine man or woman that their parents hoped they would be.

Of course a person does not have to be the biological parent to be a mother or a father, but they do have to actually have the full time responsibility of raising a child, not the temporary "mothering" that typically comes with being an aunt, or any other kind of part time caregiver.

If Cattral’s arguments is true, then a nanny with no children of her own can call herself a mother too, since she cares for someone else's children as well. The same could be said of childless school teachers that spend quite a bit of time with other people's children.

As an aunt, unless she is raising her sibling's children full time, she is not a mother or a parent. A parent can't hand the children back to someone else and absolve themselves of all responsibility if desired. And those that do are considered dead beat parents.

Many bloggers don't think this test would apply to Kim Cattrall, who is not really a parent of any kind, but just an awesome aunt and mentor for those she "chooses" to mentor. No one would think she was a deadbeat mother if she stopped spending as much time with her sibling's children or stopped mentoring young actors.