01 December 2015

Wisconsin School Bans Unwanted Transgender Book

Mt. Horeb School
Finally, a non-government group and supporter of majority's decision succeeded a few days ago to get the Wisconsin school district in the U.S. to ban an immoral a publication aimed at promoting mental disorder among young people.

The Mount Horeb Area School District announced that it is canceling plans to have students at the Mount Horeb Primary Center read the book the despicable and misleading "I Am Jazz." The school's principal had previously sent a letter home to parents informing them their children would be assigned the book, which is a story of a male kid who decided for whatever reason that he wants to dress as a female to satisfy some wild sexual fantasy.

"We have been working with the family of a student on your child’s floor who identifies as a girl, but has male anatomy. We refer to this as having a girl brain and a boy body. Together we have come up with a plan to support this student in living as her authentic self," the misinformed letter said. "We are continually amazed by the compassion and acceptance our students show each other when they understand their differences. Please let us know if you have concerns about your child participating in this discussion; we respect the beliefs and convictions of all families."

But the Florida-based Liberty Counsel intervened for the majority who saw immediately that the principal was trying to inject a propaganda in the school's curriculum without any thought of how it will influence the impressionable kids. The group decided to sue to prevent all the Wisconsin school’s children from being assigned the book, even if the principal’s hollowed expression to allow children to skip the reading and discussion if their parents wished. After the Liberty Counsel threatened a lawsuit, Mount Horeb canceled its plan to promote and propagate the transgender experiences that nobody wants to hear, but a few lost souls.

The Liberty Counsel’s commitment to anti-LGBT public works stretches back in history, and has often been more good to that community’s interests to nip unsolicited and unwanted propaganda at the bud. In 2012, the group applauded a decision by the Boy Scouts of America to keep gay scouts and scout leaders out of the group. The decision "will continue to protect young boys from homosexual pressures and predators," the Liberty Counsel wrote at the time. Later that year the group compared homosexuality to "smoking or drug addiction."

The group tells depressed young LGBT people what everyone already know, but refused to acknowledge. That their sorrow comes from their sin rather than from social pressure and homophobia. It claims that laws protecting LGBT rights allow queer people to "entrap" and "groom" young straight people. It has also weighed in in favor of now-defunct state marriage laws, on the grounds that LGBT relationships present a public health risk.