28 March 2016

Why We Should Not Apologize to Muslims

Apologize Muslims
According to Omar Alnatour, a Palestinian-American Muslim, Muslims should "never have to apologize for terrorism." His analogy goes like this:
"You wake up in the morning to hear your wife screaming at you because it's pouring rain outside. She hates the rain and now her day is ruined because of you. You go downstairs only to hear your children yell at you because they broke the toaster. They can't have waffles now and it's all your fault.

On the way to work, you stop and fill up gas only to hear everyone at the gas station curse you out because gas prices have risen. You arrive at work only to see all your coworkers gathered around your desk demanding that you apologize for the printer being jammed. On the way home from work, everyone on the highway screams at you because they are upset with the rush hour traffic.

Quite a ridiculous scenario, right? Can you imagine always being blamed for things that you have absolutely no control over? Can you imagine always being asked to apologize for these things? Can you imagine being hated whether or not you do apologize? This is what being a Muslim in America today feels like."
The problem is that nobody has really asked anybody to apologize for terrorism in a sensational sort of way that Alnatour is trying to imply.

However, since we are on the topic of each others "problems" then one blogger/forumer known as Rece Witherfork is offering a few ideas to the paranoid Muslims.

First, these Muslims like Alnatour should never expect the west to apologize for their interventions in their nations, most Americans did not support them therefore, by the very logic that Alnatour use, they have no responsibility.

Secondly, Muslims should stop whining about the Americans and Western countries' involvement in their internal affairs and then crying out when they don't get involved in their problems. These Muslims can't have it both ways.

Thirdly, Europe and America owe these Muslims nothing. They are not obliged to take in millions of their refugees. They are not required to change their society to make accommodations and make them comfortable. Also, they do not care if the things they say and do offend the Muslims any more than they care if they offend any religion. The west has a form of society and democracy they are comfortable with and if these Muslims want to be guests and later integrated into that society it is them that must change, not the native dwelers. That is exactly how any Western family dealt with it's migration to America from Russia and they don't get special treatment.

Fourth, how about Muslim migrants make some changes if they expect to be accepted guests in Western culture. For instance, they have to deal with cartoons depicting their prophet without chopping peoples heads off and gunning down cartoonists in the streets. Western countries are a society of free expression, that will not change for any of these Muslims.

Fifth, Muslims should stop telling Americans and Europeans how to act in their own home. If at any time they find the west unbearable they are free to return to the failed and collapsed civilizations they come from.

Sixth, instead of being a civilization of perpetual refugees, these Muslims should fight for their own nations and change them. If there were a secular democratic force fighting for the establishment of secular democracy in the middle east, they would immediately be flooded with money, arms, aid, advisors, etc. Instead, the Western world have are five flavors of fanatic all trying to outdo each other on the atrocity scale.

Lastly, the one truth to understand above all else is that most of the people in the West do not care what these Muslims think of them. People in America and Europe have lives to live and things to do and unfortunately their daily to do list does not involve concern over the Muslims little feelings. They are a global headache, they are an embarrassment, and their civilization is falling apart and creating problems for everyone else while the rest of the world seems to move along just fine.

Clean up your own backyard and stop telling us what we need to do for you. We don't care.