30 May 2016

Milo Is A Fast-Talking Gay That Made Sense

Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo Yiannopoulos is a British journalist and entrepreneur. Yiannopoulos founded The Kernel, an online tabloid magazine about technology, which he sold to Daily Dot Media in 2014. He rose to notability in late 2015 when he began to provide media coverage and commentary surrounding the Gamergate controversy. He is the technology editor for Breitbart.com, a conservative news and opinion website based in the United States.

Yiannopoulos originally intended to write theater criticism, but became interested in technology journalism whilst investigating women in computing for The Daily Telegraph in 2009. He also appeared on Sky News discussing social media, and on BBC Breakfast discussing Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United Kingdom.

As a gay Roman Catholic, Yiannopoulos has debated gay marriage on Newsnight, and on Channel 4's 10 O'Clock Live with Boy George. He later debated singer Will Young on Newsnight on the use of the word "gay" in the playground and Tinchy Stryder on the same programme in May 2014, about copyright infringement and music piracy. In March 2015 he appeared on The Big Questions, debating on topics relating to feminism and discrimination against men in the United Kingdom.

In an articled titled "I’m Sooo Bored of Being Gay", Yiannopoulos writes regarding his sexuality, "I'll never forget the precise moment I chose to be gay. It was the endpoint in a process of rebellion against my white middle-class parents ...Today, thanks to society's endless mollycoddling and celebration of "alternative" lifestyles, the joy of rebellion is drying up for me. You see, I only plumped for homosexuality to irritate my parents. But now even they are fine with it. A few years ago, my mum said, perhaps cannily, "All I want is for you to be happy. That came as devastating news ... Now my gayness was not only roundly applauded by wider society but even my own parents, what was the point?"

He concludes: "Since gay people have been so endlessly praised, flattered and catered to by the media and politicians, I've lost interest in sleeping with men. I want to feel oppressed again! That's why, from today, I'm going to make a go of being straight. Wish me luck!"

Yiannopoulos has written under the pseudonym Milo Wagner.