03 June 2016

Ed Lingao's Take on Marcos Burial At Libingan ng mga Bayani

Marcos Burial
A few days ago, Facebook suspended the account of TV5 anchor Ed Lingao opposing President Rodrigo Duterte's proposed burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani/. After careful evaluation, the social networking site restored the site and called the takedown a "mistake" of a member of its community operations team.

A Facebook official, informed of the issue surrounding Lingao’s posts, told InterAksyon.com: "I'm sorry for what he is experiencing. We are actively investigating this and let's please keep in close touch on this. This should not be happening and we'll keep you posted ASAP."

However, in case another suspension or deletion happens, this blog will published the old posts with a bit of tweaking from Lingao himelf:
"YOU WANT him buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani? Very well, but on the headstone, put the name William Saunders. That is the name he used to open open his first Swiss account, that later mushroomed to a dozen, whose contents mushroomed to US$ 300 million, and that mushroomed with interest to US$ 700 million, that was claimed in court by his family (that still refuses to admit having any hidden wealth, but claims ownership of those accounts that are worth roughly PhP 33 billion. How they can do that with a straight face, go figure) in a painfully long but failed litigation, that was turned over by the Swiss government to the Philippine government after ruling that it was illegally obtained, and that was officially turned over to government coffers in 2003 following a Supreme Court ruling that said the Marcoses could never have in any way legally acquired that amount.

So please do not tell me that the theft was never proven in court, because it will only make you sound too lazy to read. If you want a link, go look for the link yourself, I am not going to service lazy people. The source of that last line is obviously the SC ruling. But read the ruling in its entirety before making any comments. That way, we do not waste each other's time.

Also, please do not talk to me about the so-called Trial of the Century if you do not know anything about it except what you read in memes. Know what the trial was about, and what the result was before you post your comments on it. Otherwise, you are wasting my time. Eto pa, for good measure, bigyan ko kayo ng video link: https://www.facebook.com/News5Everywhere/videos/584445255045566/.

So you can Duterte bury Marcos at the LMB? The rules governing the use of the Libingan are just executive in nature, and the commander-in-chief can of course order that the rules be changed. It is not a legal question at all, but a moral one.

Should those opposed to the Marcos burial at the Libingan allow healing and just move on? That is one way of looking at it. But there is also another way to look at it, another way to say, move on. There are ten thousand people, a conservative count, who were victims of HR abuses and US$ 10 billion estimated to have been stolen by the Marcos family, of which the PCGG says it has already recovered half.

So really, who should move on and allow healing? The thousands who were victimized? The prosecutors still looking for another five billion dollars in hidden wealth? Or a family that chooses to ignore all this by funding a macabre quarter-century spectacle at the family mausoleum in Ilocos because it simply insists that the patriarch be buried a hero. Who is really holding the nation hostage here? And so, really, who should move on?"