14 July 2016

Police Union: "BLM Murders American Law Enforcers"

BLM Radicals
The Fort Worth Police Officers Association has finally said what many people has suspected all along: Black Lives Matter (BLM) is "an organization that chooses to MURDER American law enforcement officers."

The police group, which represents more than 1,500 police officers and officials serving Dallas' largest neighbor, may have already deleted the language from its Facebook post, but it did not downplay the fact that many agreed with the posts and thousands are sharing it everyday since 10 July.

The Fort Worth association first condemned Black Lives Matter - a loosely organized black liberation movement that opposes police violence - as it launched a boycott of Pandora Radio for embracing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag after the recent massacre of police in downtown Dallas.

"We urge law enforcement supporters around the world to DELETE the Pandora Radio app from their devices," the officers group posted to its official Facebook page. "Pandora Radio openly supports an organization that chooses to kill American law enforcement officers."

A few minutes later, the post was edited in all-caps: Black Lives Matter became "an organization that chooses to MURDER American law enforcement officers."

Black Lives Matter — both the national organization and the local protest movements it inspires — has been widely criticized since a lone shooter opened fire on Dallas police officers who were protecting a rally against police killings. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani even called Black Lives Matter "inherently racist" on national TV and many more are disassociating from it.