01 July 2016

Pool Poster in Hot Water?

An American Red Cross Hospital signboard that carried a message about swim safety guidelines for children was forced to issue an apology last 28 June.

A twitter photo of the poster circulated in Fort Morgan, Colorado, read at the top: "Be Cool, Follow the Rules." Below the heading were depictions of children playing (see photo above). The white children were allegedly labeled "intentionally" as behaving "cool" while children of color were allegedly being depicted as misbehaving, or "not cool," for breaking pool safety rules.

American Red Cross has since confirmed that it has discontinued the production of the poster and has already removed it from the hospital's website and Swim App after a few loud and arrogant voices in mainstream media raised the issue of "diversity" and "racism" in public information mediums.

It's gotten laughable how often a person or group or organization or whoever gets accused of "racism", and the mainstream media have a fit over it and it gets national attention. These type of stories appear what seems like every day or two.

When an apology (which very often is not necessary) is given, that only makes those that did the complaining in the first place even madder.

It has got to be depressing to wake every day and be consumed with the racial side of everything, and looking for a way to make the accusation of "racism" in some direction.

Everyone should accept the fact that if ALL of the kids had been white the complaint would have been no diversity. These days society is all about complaining, getting their little 5 minutes of time to air their grievances - real or made up - and telling everyone about how their feelings were hurt.

Nobody can please all of the people all of the time. Next time something like this happens the organization should grow a pair and tell the offended group, "look at the message, and get over your petty complaints". What is more important here? Possibly saving a child's life or being PC?