25 August 2016

BLM Ain't Good At Anything

Louisiana Flooding
Black Lives Matter is coming under fire for its lackluster response to the catastrophic Louisiana flooding less than a month after mobilizing crowds to protest the shooting of a black man in Baton Rouge.

In an online video going viral, Baton Rouge resident Jerry L. Washington asks, "Where are the Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers?"

"Because I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people from our own city saving us," Mr. Washington said.

Black Lives Matter drew an outraged response on Facebook last week after promoting a company offering free family photos to victims whose pictures were destroyed in the flooding.

"This is the most you have done after you [came] and raised hell and stirred up [a] mess ... Where are the donations from your organization?" asked Manolo Espinal of Louisiana.
"[B]oats to rescue people? Food for the hungry? Where are the marches and protests for the homeless and those who lost everything?"

Added Charlene Realegeno-Molina, "What is BLM doing for Louisiana? Y’all are good at getting together to protest, well why haven’t y’all gotten together to help out? I guess BLM only when convenient."