09 September 2016

"Mermaid Thigh" Is Just Another Word For "Fat"

Mermaid Thigh is Fat
Everyone now knows that most men and women desire "Thigh Gap" for different reasons. But it is one of the many ways for women to realize that being healthy is also making them sexy, while being fat will only make them miserable and no amount of colorful play of words such as "Mermaid Thigh" can change that.

The Urban Dictionary website describes "Thigh Gap" in no uncertain terms as "the gap between a woman's thighs directly below the vagina, often diamond shaped when the thighs are together." "Mermaid Gap," on the other hand, is opposite of that.

However, proponents of "Mermaid Gap" wants women to just sit back, chill it out and do nothing to make their body healthy, as indicated by their overlapping fat legs. They even want women to believe that they can do nothing about it. That its genetic.

Well, pictures convey a thousand words. All women with "Thigh Gap" are either size 0 or size 2, while those with "Mermaid Gap" are of heavier variant with some classified as obese.

Because let's be real, everyone knows that having thighs that touch with cellulite running all over it simply means that the person is too lazy to go out and exercise.

Do you know why women and fashion magazines sell a lot? Because it features women with "Thigh Gap" and "Ab Crack" who also met the "A4 Challenge," not to mention an attractive "Mons Pubis," which fat, oversize and unhealthy women can never have.