06 October 2016

A Good Example of An Idiotic Gay Logic

GOP Convention
Do you know why the Republican officials rejected an emotional plea to back off the GOP's opposition to same-sex marriage?

Last 11 July, Republicans renewed the party's embrace of religious conservative values as delegates prepared to welcome Donald Trump to their national convention. They also refused to reverse their opposition to bathroom choice for transgender people.

"All I ask today is that you include me," said Rachel Huff, a Republican delegate from Washington, D.C., who is openly gay. "If our party wants a future ... we must evolve," she said, her voice cracking with emotion.

Again, let us all repeat that statement: "If our party wants a future ... we must evolve."

This statement by Huff is a perfect example of gay logic. They believe they are somehow standing on evolutionary higher ground now that everyone around them needs to evolve towards them now!

Really? What an arrogant statement from a minority group that most people find despicable.

The word evolve is very misplaced in context with homosexuality. It is a actually an oxymoron. A homosexual couple is by nature an evolutionary DEAD END. No offspring, no evolution towards anything. It is that simple. It is not a "lifestyle" because of that little pesky fact. it is actually an evolutionary "deathstyle".

President Barrack Obama also said that his view of homosexual marriage "evolved". Can anybody say oxymoron?

This claim that anybody who doesn't agree with them is a bigot, is moronic in itself as well. If everyone are all gay, it would be the end of human evolution. This makes perfect sense to most people, but not to the narrow minded gays.

People in this country are getting tired of being harassed and threatened by morons who make zero sense. This is AMERICA! Not communist China.

It would not be surprising to see Americans stand up for what is right soon.

One thing that is right about America is the 1st amendment! Only in gay logic is the first amendment wrong. The first amendment should NOT NEED protection from it's own citizens. Anybody who wants to attack it is an enemy, foreign or domestic.