19 October 2016

LGBT Demands Diversity, Except When They Don't Agree

Milo Yiannopoulos
What a month September will be in the life of Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart Tech editor who is a prominent figure in the alt-right movement and a well-known internet intellectual. he also loves grand and intoxicating entrances.

Last 21 September, Out Magazine published a remarkable profile of Milo, which includes an exclusive interview and a photo shoot playing on the theme that he’s simply a clown. As expected, it received angry response from leftist journalists, columnists, and organizers across LGBT media who just can't stand another gay spilling out the truth about what he believes in.

The statement made by the deluded left open their pieces with a brief background wherein the said, "... we saw our sisters at AfterEllen.com have to cease editorial operations because a company decided that lesbians were not profitable enough — oblivious to how many bi and lesbian women found important community there."

The above statement was such an entitled statement. Excuse me gays, but at no point are you ever — EVER — entitled to someone else's money or time just because you find community with their product. To ask them to keep going to their detriment just because it might hurt you and your community is next to immature as a concept and downright abusive in practice. The only reason Milo is still around is because you keep feeding him anyway.

The leftist supremacist also claim that "Milo's attacks against women, people of color, Muslims, transgender people, and basically anybody who doesn’t like him are as malicious as they come, and he catalyzes his many 'alt-right' followers to turn on any target he deems worthy of abuse. This puff piece — complete with a cutesy clown photoshoot — makes light of Yiannopoulos’s trolling while simultaneously providing him a pedestal to further extend his brand of hatred."

So " women, people of color, Muslims, transgender people" are just the untouchable nowadays, huh? They are so perfectly created that nobody can criticize them? Milo makes a scholarship for white men and it’s white supremacy? He criticizes BLM and modern feminism so he’s racist and misogynist? The left sure loves demonizing anyone who dares question their twisted beliefs.

Its pretty hypocritical for the left, gays in particulars, to claim they support "diversity" when they are openly calling for the end of diversity of thought. If they want to take a person of every race and put them on a panel but they all have the same ideology these gays has done nothing to achieve diversity.

For a community that claims to uphold casting away stigmatizing "looks" an innocent bystander would think the gays wouldn’t be obsessed with the physical appearances but behold how intersectionality has turned them into fascists.

Just show us a spectrum of diversity of thought and we would feel part of the gay community but the commitment to collective identity has cheapened your so-called "community" into nothing more than a group think mob.

Milo is a hero. Where is the LGBT-QRWSPFVG ... community condemning Sally Kohn's defense and support of Shariah? Oh I forgot making any analytic observation based on logic of anything non-Western is "racist." Shame Shame Shame on the LGBT-QRWSPFVG ... so-called "leaders."