10 November 2016

Why Trump Easily Won Over Hillary

Trump Wins
Gone are the times of weak and spineless leaders, who made it their life's mission to cater the whims of the privileged and lazy few. Those days where the government tries to appease the "politically correct" crowd who wants to get all the state benefit not due them just because they feel and think that they were an oppressed race.

The disillusioned population had enough and they showed it clearly when they went out and voted for Donald Trump as the United States next President. These voters do not care all that much about lopsided trade deals that enrich the ignorant few in other parts of the world. Americans are tired of very accommodating immigration policies that favors the unproductive workers with criminal and terrorist backgrounds than honest residents.

Sorry, nobody gives a hoot if the masculine, able-bodied, wife beaters from Middle-East are dying from the war. They stay there and fight and not run around the U.S. harassing and molesting women and children because their religion says so. Americans care a lot about their own well-being, and when they’re frustrated, arcane policy matters become proxy battles for what’s really is important.

That’s happening now. Voters are obviously agitated, President Barrack Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership or the Gang of Eight immigration plan are all abhorrent. This is why they don't want Hillary Clinton as well.

Immigration and trade became flash points because the present administration and Clinton's plan wants to appease the PC crowd and gave way to demands for more diversity even if they are not deserving. Gays and their ilks should fall in line like everyone else and not wave their despicable lifestyle on everyone's face and force them to accept their lurid upbringing. This was the message of electoral voters on 9 November and it was loud and clear for those who are willing to listen.

It is now Trump time and Trump administration.

Trump has promised to address a temporary situation caused by a business-cycle downturn, which Clinton conveniently dismiss. It’s a chronic condition parents worry could affect their kids, and their kids’ kids. Trump knows that and that has always been his political platform. Prosperity is no longer a shared national goal. It’s a condition some families enjoy while others look in from the outside, and figure they’ll never experience what’s going on in there.

Each of the most hotly contested issues in the campaign has been a stand-in for elusive prosperity. Trade became controversial because it’s a simple way to explain why corporate interests are doing fine while hard-working people aren’t. Immigration, both legal and illegal, provides an answer to the question, who took the good jobs Americans used to have? Bankers are an easy target because they have more money while the working class has less, leading to the easy inference that Wall Street has fleeced Main Street.

Change is coming and it begins with Trump. Illegal aliens better watch out.