19 December 2016

Lying Muslim Woman Arrested

Muslim Woman
The Muslim woman in New York who claimed that she had been harassed by a group of white Trump supporters was arrested. She was discovered to have filed a false report.

The 18-year-old confessed last 14 December that she made up the story that on 1 December she was taunted on the subway by men who called her a terrorist and shouted "Donald Trump!" in her face. Yasmin Seweid also claimed that when she attempted to move away from her alleged harassers, one of them followed her and attempted to grab her hijab.

According to the NY Daily News, Yasmin Seweid said she lied because she did not want to get into trouble for breaking her curfew.

As punishment, Seweid's parents allegedly shaved her head, sources said.

"Nothing happened, and there was no victim," a police source said to the Daily News. "We dedicated a lot of resources to this — and don't get me wrong, this is what we do — but we had guys going back and forth, looking for video and witnesses. And we couldn't find anything."

The Baruch College student was charged with filing a false report and was awaiting arraignment, the Daily News reported. She was also charged with obstructing governmental administration police said. According to the New York Times, both charges are misdemeanors.

The Daily News reported that police initially believed the inconsistencies in Seweid's story were due to lapses by an individual who had been traumatized. However, their doubts increased when detectives could not find witnesses or any significant video.

A week after the alleged subway incident, Seweid left her home and was reported missing on 8 December and found the next day, triggering suspicion.

When questioned by detectives on Wednesday, Seweid admitted to lying to throw off her parents who were angry she was dating a Christian. Syeed Seweid, her father, told the Daily News he did not know why his daughter lied.

This story shows that most of the claims against Trump supporters are false and made up by liberal sensibilities.