01 February 2017

A Great Miscarriage of Justice in Australia

If there was a sudden resurgence of anger in the world which led to the rise of strongmen in the mold of Russian Leader Vladimir Putin, American President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, there was only one reason for this. It is because the people are tired of coddling guilty criminals even if the evidence is overwhelming.

Australia is a country with still very liberal ideas and a lenient way of punishing criminals. The astonishing 'slap in the arms' punishments are so frustrating that it was viewed by many as a miscarriage of justice for brutal and unthinkable crimes.

One case of justice gone wrong happened recently after an Australian court has shown leniency after a vicious, unthinkable crime. From the country's 9 News:

"A Queensland man whose "systematic and persistent" torture of a defenceless newborn led to her death has been jailed for nine years after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Baby Paige was only 31 days old when she died from blunt force trauma in September 2012 after suffering almost a lifetime of "gratuitous" violence at the hands of her mother's partner Michael John Humphreys."
You heard it right. Only nine years? And only manslaughter? Consider the details of the crime.

"There weren't many parts of Paige's body that weren't injured, Justice David Boddice said on Friday.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard she'd endured repeated blows to the back of her head, a blunt object had been forced into her mouth like a finger or pacifier, her limbs had been either twisted or shaken and a hand print shaped bruise was found on her spine.

"It is inconceivable that one human being could do that to a baby of that age," Justice Boddice said.

"It is more than inconceivable that a person in a position of trust and a position of care could do that to a defenceless baby."

"There is no doubt that the offence is properly to be described as callous, cruel, calculated, deliberate and inexcusable."
Again, a fully grown man torturing a baby to death. What do you think is the verdict?

"Despite this Justice Boddice found a jail sentence of 10 years was "not justified".

"I do not doubt that you now seriously regret your conduct," he said."
Wow! So criminals will just simply express their regret and Judge Boddice will take time off from their sentence. This is a despicable act that would have made any victim of heinous crime turn on their graves.

Humphreys tortured and murdered a precious baby girl. It matters not whether he regrets it now. He did it. It wasn't a crime of passion. It was a series of unthinkable acts carried out intentionally in a sustained manner. What he did was nothing less than a manifestation of evil. A sane society would put him to death, or at least sentence him to life in prison and not allow him to get a chance for a parole in 2021.