19 February 2017

School's "Dating Assignment" Hailed By Many

Dating Assignment
High schools are famous for draggy dress codes, constrictive prom rules, and other lessons in outdated bias. Liberals and confused feminists are also trying to influence children's values by forcefully imposing unscientific LGBT agenda. Fortunately, one school tried to change all that.

In Utah, 11th graders were given an assignment to go on a US$ 5 date after consulting handouts with separate "tips" for boys and girls, created by and for each other. Suggestions for the true, biological and young women? "Be feminine," "Eat the food you order. Don’t waste his money," "Don’t fish for compliments," "Show respect for him," and, "If you think you’re too fat, etc., keep it to yourself."

Highland High School in Salt Lake City received thousands of commendations and support for bringing the traditional values back to the community, with some even offering to provide scholarships to its students.

According to the newspaper, the assignment was part of a state-required Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class, with handouts not written by the teacher but grabbed from a database of state-approved materials, said principal Chris Jenson.

A teacher from another state promised to adopt the same style of teaching and give similar assignments to her students.

Connecticut-based psychologist Barbara Greenberg approved of teaching dating skills to teens.

"I love the idea of educating children about dating and relationships," she says, "because usually such lessons are all about the mechanics and STDs. But what about how the heart and body are connected? It’s part of life, and we don't really educate our kids about it." That leads to troubles she has seen through her clinical practice, she says, including teens getting into abusive and obsessive situations.

Greenberg also calls out a specific tip that was included in the controversial assignment — "If you think you’re fat, keep it to yourself" — and notes that it was going in the right direction. "I didn’t like the way it was worded, but it would be wonderful for women to know that they don’t need to talk about their weight."

Tips for the boys in the now-very popular assignment, meanwhile, included "Don’t feel entitled to a kiss (or more)," "Use good manners," "Be honest," "Don’t drive recklessly," and "Don’t exaggerate to your friends about what happened on the date." These are all expected to keep boys bring back the gentlemen manners that has been missing in schools these days.