15 March 2017

Turkish Guman Who Killed Toddler Also Got Killed

Turkish Gunman
A pathetic jail sentence for a horrendous crime ended in a pleasant and fitting way after the the scumbag's demise. The criminal who gunned down a Scottish toddler at a Turkish cafe in 2003 and released early for unknown reasons has died after he was shot at his own wedding.

Daimi Akyuz was killed last 4 March as he stepped out for a cigarette, only six days after being released from prison.

The 46-year old undesirable had been jailed for life after he killed 2-year-old Alistair Grimason in the seaside resort of Foca almost 14 years ago.

The toddler was sleeping in his pushchair when he was hit by a bullet after a fight broke out in a cafe over a mobile phone.

The coward Akyuz immediately went on the run, but was later arrested and found guilty of killing the toddler and and murdering Ali Bektas, a mobile salesman.

Despite having served less than half his life sentence, Akyuz was released from prison! Why? Nobody still does not have a clear picture. However, these scum should have not been allowed to see the light beyond the prison walls. Fortunately, justice was served at his wedding.

It was claimed that Ozlem received early release after the attempted coup last year caused prisons to ‘overflow’, with older inmates released before the end of their sentence.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Alistair's father David sad, "I don’t understand why they would let out anyone who was as dangerous as he was. The first thing I felt was a bit of anger that he was out of prison. Thirteen-and-a-half years is about a third of the sentence he was supposed to have served."

What goes around, comes around.