03 May 2017

Fourth Execution in Arkansas Brought Peaceful Closure

The state of Arkansas in the United States has performed another good service to its constituents by executing a convicted criminal Kenneth Williams last 27 April.

As expected, his lawyer Shawn Nolan try to stir up controversy by falsely alleging that the lethal injection procedure was "horrifying".

The Republican governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, has dismissed the allegations and said, "I see no reason for any investigation other than the routine review that is done after every execution."

The governor's spokesman also said Williams' movements were "an involuntary muscular reaction", to be expected with midazolam — a sedative used in lethal injections.

The family of the victims also agree that it was not "horrific" at all. Unlike the lawyer of Williams, the victims' family are the ones who are directly affected by is very cruel crime spree.

Williams killed a college cheerleader after abducting her and a friend and forcing them to withdraw money from an ATM. He shot BOTH of them afterward, but the other survived.

He escaped prison while serving life for that murder and killed another person, stealing his truck.

While fleeing police during a high speed chase, Williams struck another vehicle, killing the driver before being recaptured.

Three innocent people died as a direct result of this despicable guy's actions, and he had attempted to kill a fourth. Can anybody tell me why he didn't deserve exactly what he got, even if it was uncomfortable for him?