12 July 2017

Illegal Alien Father Deported Back To Where He Belonged

Joel Massie came home from school only to realize something was different. His lazy illegal alien father was no longer around because he failed to process his immigration papers legally and relied on his religious comrades to save him from authorities.

Arino Massie, of Metuchen, New Jersey, was deported back to his native country of Indonesia, a place he fled 16 years ago because of the alleged "religious persecution," which is now gone.

Now Joel is going to grow up without a father in the U.S., where he was born. He still finds it hard to accept this.

"He’s been with me for 13 years, because I was born with him, of course. And for those 13 years, he’s been kind, happy and loving," Joel told WPIX TV. "It’s been sad, stressing. We've been fighting for the past week and a half to stay."

He failed to mention that for 13 years, Arno did not do anything to formalize his application as an immigrant. In fact, he missed a deadline to apply for amnesty shortly after his arrival in the U.S.

After he overstayed his tourist visa, Massie was ordered to leave the country in 2006. However, the Reformed Church of Highland Park struck a deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow him three other Indonesian-born Christians stays of removal if they checked in with ICE every year.

But this year ICE took the men into custody, and on 18 May an immigration judge ordered that Massie and the others be deported, according to News12.com.

A spokesperson for ICE released this statement:
"Arino Massie, who was a visa overstay, was ordered removed on July 17, 2006 by an immigration judge with the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review. After exhausting all legal remedies, on May 18, 2017, ICE Enforcement and Removal Officers removed Arino Massie to Indonesia."