31 July 2017

Singapore Voided Marriage After Sex Change

Singapore is still and will always will be a champion of marriage between a man and a woman voided despite what the left and progressive claim that the small Asian country is accommodating the LGBT demands.

As a stark example for everyone who are still blinded by the farce offered same-sex union, Singapore voided the marriage of the couple after the husband underwent a sex change operation because it contravened the city-state's laws.

The couple married as man and woman in 2015 but the husband underwent a sex change operation and updated his national identity card to read "female", the Straits Times newspaper reported.

But when the unidentified couple tried to buy a government-built apartment, they had to inform the authorities. Married couples receive state grants for first-time purchases of government apartments.

The marriage was voided several months later, making them ineligible to buy the apartment they wanted, the paper said.

Singapore's Registry of Marriage said it would not give details on individual cases but cited the country's laws which state marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Again, marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

"At the point of marriage, a couple must be man and woman, and must want to be and want to remain as man and woman in the marriage," it said in a statement.

Despite meager and pathetic calls for change, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stood his ground and said the country is not for same-sex marriage because the MAJORITY will always be conservative.

Singapore maintains legislation dating back to British colonial rule making sex between men a criminal act. However, because of tolerance, it does not actively enforce the law. Their are current move to reimpose and strengthen this law in the next couple of years.