14 March 2018

Time To Send Israel Immigrants Back To Their Countries

Israel Migrants
Israel has started handing out notices to 20,000 male African migrants giving them two months to leave the country or risk being thrown in jail.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government is offering the migrants, most of whom are from Sudan and Eritrea, US$ 3,500 and a plane ticket to what it says is a safe destination in another country in sub-Saharan Africa.

The fate of some 37,000 Africans in Israel is not posing a moral dilemma for a state founded as haven for Jews from persecution and a national home. It is a simple decision back by very popular support against migrants who are all "infiltrators" looking for work rather than asylum.

The first eviction notices were handed out last 4 February and job advertisements for immigration inspectors to implement the deportation plan have been posted on government websites.

"I don't know what to do. Rwanda, Uganda are not my countries, what will a third country help me?" said Eritrean Berihu Ainom, after receiving an eviction notice. The answer is simple, go home and do something for yourself because Israel does not want you.

The deportation notices do not name the country migrants will be flown to but Netanyahu has said it will be a safe destination. Rights groups have named Uganda and Rwanda as possible host countries.

The Supreme Court ruled in August that Israeli authorities can hold illegal migrants for up to 60 days in custody.

Immigration officials have said women, children and men with families in Israel were allowed to stay for now, as was anyone with outstanding asylum requests.

Out of 6,800 requests reviewed so far, Israel has granted refugee status to 11 migrants. It has at least 8,000 more requests to process.