13 April 2018

Police Warned About The "Punish A Muslim" Day

A few weeks ago, a letter began circulating in the U.K. that said 3 April had been designated Punish a Muslim Day. It laid out a points-based reward system for violence carried out against Muslims, including 50 points to "throw acid in the face of a Muslim" and 1000 points to "burn or bomb a mosque."

As the letter went viral on social media, there were concerns the campaign could spark violence in New York. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams called for it to be countered by a message of tolerance.

"Our message must be just as loud," Adams said. "Not punish a Muslim, let’s embrace a Muslim, let’s embrace a Christian, let’s embrace a person of Jewish faith, let’s embrace the diversity that this city has to offer."

The NYPD's Intelligence Bureau learned of the threat in mid-March after the flyers appeared, Police Department spokesman J. Peter Donald told local news site Patch.

A spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police told the Evening Standard that though there was no "credible information" that anti-Muslim attacks were being planned, police officers remained alert for potential incidents.

People from six U.K. communities received the letters, which have been investigated by counterterrorism officials. A number of the letters appeared to have been sent from the northern English city of Sheffield, police said.

"Are you a sheep like the vast majority of the population?" the letter reads. "Sheep follow orders and are easily led. They are allowing the white-majority nations of Europe and north America to become overrun by those who would like nothing more than to do us harm and to turn our democracies into sharia-led police states."