08 October 2015

TIME Magazine Featured Donald Trump

Time Magazine Donald Trump
Despite the loud criticisms of the minority Americans, Time magazine still featured the most appropriate and timely presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

While some observers have urged the public to ignore the real-estate tycoon, who is surging in Republican primary polls, Time took a different approach and it has a aptly declared message in the front page: "Deal with it."

The cover story itself, by Michael Scherer, profiles the rise of Trump's decidedly unorthodox campaign, filled with charged reality-check against his rivals, fights over his own net worth, attacks against bias media personalities, off-the-cuff statements leading to what most Americans feel anyway, and only the most grandiose pronouncements.

"If you want to understand what is happening in the country right now, to get at its shifting ID, its calcifying frustrations, its guttural demand for change," Scherer wrote, "you need only listen to that message of disgust, for the political system, its falsehoods and failures, which has taken Trump to the top of the Republican polls."

Indeed, Trump has led almost every recent national and statewide poll testing the Republican candidates — even after his explosive performance at the first official debate.

During the 6 August event, Trump stood out among the most practical candidate to answer numerous tough questions, including about his corporate bankruptcies, his threat to run a third-party campaign for president, and his plan to address the influx and scourge of illegal migrants.