03 October 2016

The New Trending Style Among Sexy Models

Ab Crack
The very fashionable and highly sought after "Thigh Gap" is still trending 10 years after it became famous as the yardstick of beauty and health. It refers to "the gap between a woman's thighs directly below the vagina, often diamond shaped when the thighs are together."

However, it appears that it is now being overshadowed by a new body trend dubbed the "Ab Crack" has taken social media by storm.

Supermodels, bloggers and celebrities from around the world have taken to Instagram to show off the new look of an 'irrigation ditch divide' down the centre of the stomach, according to Elle.

"While Ab Cracks vary in depth and definition, all Ab Cracks show us you've been in the gym. We get it. We're very impressed," writer Julie Schott said in the magazine's newest issue.

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski appears to be leading the Ab Crack pack with a prominent line down the center of her stomach.

DJ and fitness model Hannah Bronfman is also among the many enthusiasts of the new body trend and frequently posts pictures of her toned physique.

New Zealand model Stella Maxwell has been pictured with a very deep line on her stomach in lingerie photo shoots.

Even Australia's own Jennifer Hawkins has displayed a slight Ab Crack on her social media accounts.

Up-and-coming supermodel Bella Hadid is also making waves with her toned stomach.